Vankia’s management is based in Australia and our technical team are leaders in Blockchain and NFT development in China. We offer unique opportunities for international investors to take a stake in projects launched in the booming digital economy in China and ready to translate globally.

Vankia has independently developed Chia (the green BTC) and FIL mining machines and system software with a full technical architecture and a completely independent technical ecosystem at world’s best standard.

Vankia has also built a unique data authentication and verification business through the digital ecology of Vankia Chain and VKT token. Vankia is already a significant scene big data service provider in China.

Vankia’s newest project is the Peach Blossom Meta-Universe, an innovative NFT game metacosm where players can can create a unique “Taoyuan” identity, receive NFT cards, shop, trade, finance, socialise and build Vankia. We are currently seeking seed funding.

Vankia is currently seeking to raise Series B capital to fund the the Chia Mining Machine project and the VKT Cryptocurrency ICO project next stages. Please see the Investor Opportunities section. We also seek Seed Funding for our EXC Hybrid DeFi project which is currently in the Lab. Details here >

Investor contracts will be negotiated on a case by case basis to reflect the parties’ specific requirements.

Why Us?

With many years experience in traditional POW projects including BTC mining, ETH mining, mining pool construction, network and system construction and software development, Vankia’s elite technical Lab team in China turned to the design and development of industry best CHIA and FIL mining machines and mining pool operations in the booming China Blockchain – Crypto market but designed for global application. Couple with cheap server space in China, Vankia 40P mining pool is minting high volumes of Chia per month.

Vankia’s VKT business plan is to successfully list VKT on large exchanges such as Binance and Huobi.

Investors can nominate how much VKT digital currency they are interested in, or nominate an equity ratio. This funding is required to meet the funding requirements of the growing operations of the business and as a consequence propel the business to the point of high operational profitability and an accelerated listed price.

Vankia also seeks Seed Funding for our EXC Hybrid DeFi project where we plan to launch EXC Exchange and EXC coin in late 2021. Our unique hybrid is an industry first in that our DeFi adds CeFi features to conventional Defi transacting.