Vankia’s technical team has rich experience in in IPFS mining, FIL mining machine R&D, mining pool networks and mining pool construction, mining pool management and software development. Vankia now provides an an outstanding opportunity for smart investors to take a stake in a major deployment of IPFS Filecoin Mining Machines across China.

Vankia has developed a unique software solution which mines Filecoin (FIL) more efficiently and at lower cost than any competitor product at a time where data is increasingly valued as an information asset and global opportunities around file storage are exploding.

Vankia provides an opportunity to participate in the rise of FIL through Vankia’s established IPFS application software.

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Chia is “the green Bitcoin”, the new green crypto which is mined without the big electricity bill. Chia is predicted to be the future of crypto.

Vankia’s technical team has drawn on its rich experience in BTC and ETH mining and mining pool construction to develop Chia mining machines and system software on Vankia’s completely independent ecosystem. Our team has already packaged the 40P Chia mining pool, and plans to build another 150P mine in 2021.

Funding is sought to fund the deployment of up new Mining Machines to mine Chia to be packaged in Vankia’s 150P mining pool.

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Vankia Token (VKT) is a unique new cryptocurrency developed in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Blockchain Technology Lab).

Through the digital ecology of Vankia Chain, the establishment of accurate crowd tag data in various offline industry scenarios helps enterprises realize data strategy, data assetization, and data applications.

VKT’s consensus system relies on POD (Proof of Data) for energy efficient mining and to capitalise on the trend to smart cities, big data sharing, IoT and making Blockchain technology relevant to everyday life.

Customers use VKT ecology to establish crowd tag data for various industries to use. This is via a China wide deployment of Star Box Data mining machines at scene based crowd locations generating tens of thousands of scene based crowd data products which will be aggregated to provide valuable insights and predict outcomes.

Vankia has a commercial data sharing agreement with both WeChat and China Telecom to provide customers with enhanced data for SMS marketing. WeChat and China Telecom data is collected and married with an individual’s Starbox data whilst the individual is within a specific geofence, for example a shopping mall.

These data outcomes are for sale using VKT transacting to third parties and enterprises.

VKT is listed on HotBit and currently in fundraising mode to position VKT to list on Binance Exchange.

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Starbox Machines are not dependent on power supply or broadband. They are Portable machines which, under the Vankia ecology, provide VKT income + data income + data dividend. Miners receive data mining revenue, Blockchain node maintenance revenue and VKT appreciation.


The Vankia screen chain era is here!

Vankia screen chain, relying on the shared new media platform, can independently publish advertisements and initiate activities through APP, and effectively link merchants and consumers through offline screen advertisements, and realize the transformation from content dissemination to content consumption!

 In 2020, Vankia Big Data proposed an enterprise data asset-based operation solution. Relying on blockchain technology, the solution realizes the confirmation of enterprise-related data, data value, data transaction traceability, and revenue distribution closed loop, helping enterprises to achieve their data strategy, utilize their data assets and apply their commercially.  

Vankia Big Data took the lead in the industry to propose the operation plan of tourist data assetization of scenic spots, and the operation plan of commercial complex customer group data assetization, and it has received unanimous praise from Taierzhuang Ancient City Scenic Area, Huangshan Scenic Area, and Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area. 

Beginning in 2021, Vankia Big Data plans to deploy big data for offline populations across the country and across the industry for three years.


The development of currency has moved from material to metal, to credit paper money, and then to algorithms. In the era of algorithmic currency, everyone is responsible for their own property.

Hardware wallet is the infrastructure for the development of the entire Blockchain ecosystem. Its essence is the USB shield of the Blockchain industry. The USB Key based on the PKI public key cryptosystem has matured in industries and fields such as finance, taxation, military industry, and the Internet of Things. And widely used.  The Ausky Hard Wallet is named Patron Saint.  

Patron Saint is a smart hardware device designed specifically for the Blockchain industry to manage private keys. It has a built-in banking financial security chip, Bluetooth/USB connection, supports mainstream digital assets, provides private key management, signatures and other functions, and is suitable for digital asset management , Identity authority management and other scenarios.

Current Pricing:    USD $120    RMB 788

Peach Blossom Meta-Universe NFT Game

The game is Peach Blossom Meta-Universe. a metacosm ecology telling the story of 2421AD, 2,0000 years after the birth of Peach Flower Source.
Currently in incubation pahse and seeking Seed Funding, we have conceived an innovative way to connect exciting game narratives with Blockchain capabilities for millions of gamers.  The game is Peach Blossom Meta-Universe. a metacosm ecology telling the story of 2421AD, 2,0000 years after the birth of Peach Flower Source.
To escape war and environmental degradation a group of earth dwellers migrate to a wild plant full of peach blossoms.
Players on the planet can create a unique “Taoyuan” identity, receive NFT cards, develop their own cities, play, trade, build, shop, finance and socialise in the Meta-Universe.

Our passionate team are peach lovers, space explorers, game developers and Blockchain geeks coming out of the tech giants – Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo.