Vankia’s Technology Edge

Vankia’s technology and management team are alumni of the Blockchain Laboratory of Research & Application, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Our team has many years experience in traditional POW projects including BTC mining, ETH mining, mining pool construction, network and system construction, software development and upgrading software.

Additionally, Vankia’s technical team has rich experience in the design and development of FIL and CHIA mining machine networks and software and in IDC Construction.

Our team comprises some of the leading technology heads in China.

Vankia Chain has emerged as a result of a goal to unite the major smart terminal manufacturers and Internet platforms to form a unified data standard to benefit the whole society. 

Vankia has collected sensor data through an intelligent module developed by itself to achieve privacy and sensitization of data, complete the data winding, and finally achieve data assetization and tradability.  

The technological vision behind Vankia and VKT token is drawn from the popularity and use of the Internet Of Things (OIT) intelligent terminals and the hundreds of millions of non-standard data formats which have been generated. This has resulted in a large accumulation of data in a chaotic state without unified data collation and corresponding value.

For more detailed information Download Vankia White Paper